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Regional state-financed institution of public health 
« Municipal clinical hospital № 3 of Ivanovo»

Municipal clinical hospital № 3 is one of the biggest health-care institutions of Ivanovo, founded in 1872. The hospital is represented by a modern hospital for in-patients with 247 places, three adult and two children's polyclinics, three departments of general medical practice and six obstetric clinics. The service area comprises more than 95 thousand people. The hospital for in-patients provides specialist medical services in such areas as neurology, cardiology and therapy. There is a primary vascular unit for patients having heart attack and cerebrovascular accident. The hospital has a modern diagnostic and treatment facilities, which make it possible to achieve better performance. The basic principle of medical process in Municipal clinical hospital № 3 is high quality and accessibility of medical care, strong qualifications, using modern technologies in diagnosis and clinical practice.

Acting chief medical officer L.V. Lebedeva

Algorithm of applying to a medical organization for a foreign citizens

Medical assistance is provided free of charge to all citizens of the Russian Federation within the framework of compulsory medical insurance in the direction of the clinic if there is a compulsory medical insurance policy and passport.

Paid medical care for cash and cashless payments is provided according to the approved price list of the clinic, upon conclusion of an agreement with the patient and his informed consent.

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57/3, Postysheva st., Ivanovo, 153008

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57/3, Postysheva st., Ivanovo, 153008

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+7 (4932) 93-94-58

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